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Lisa Peachy was born on November 8, 1993. STPeach has always been interested in gaming, fitness, and fashion since she was a child.

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Who is Lisa Peachy? Lisa Peachy was born in Canada on November 8, 1993 (at the age of 29). STPeach has always been interested in gaming, fitness, and fashion since she was a child. As she got older, she became well-known for her pranks, challenges, reactions, comedy videos, and vlogs, which she posts on her YouTube channel, ST Peach.

On August 25, 2015, she began broadcasting her gaming sessions on Twitch. She didn’t have much success on Twitch at first. However, she rapidly gained popularity once she began displaying her exceptionally fit physique on the live broadcast. She not only talked about gaming but also about fitness and wellness. Her Twitch channel grew as a result of this over time. It has more than 912k followers as of today.

STPeach now has more than 238k subscribers. Not only that, but her channel has received over 6.5 million views from her videos. Aside from YouTube, she has a sizable fan base across all of her social media channels. She also has over 1.4 million Instagram followers at the time of writing this article.

STPeach’s Height, Weight & Body Measurement

What is STPeach’s Height? She is 5 feet 4 inches tall. Her body weight is unknown. STPeach’s hair color is blond. Her eye color is hazel.

Lisa Peachy
Lisa Peachy posing for a photo(Source Instagram)

STPeach’s Profession & Career

Lisa Peachy launched her YouTube account on March 1, 2016, with the video “I’m BACK!” She has since uploaded a variety of pranks, challenges, responses, comedy videos, and vlogs.

“MY FIRST ANIME EXPO! – Cali Vlog” has become the most popular video on her channel so far. As of today, it has had over 711k views.

Her channel is now increasing on a daily basis, with over 238k people following her video material. In addition, she is inconsistent in uploading videos, since it has been a month since she has not submitted any videos to her channel. every week.

STPeach’s Boyfriend, Marriage & Relationship

Who is STPeach’s Boyfriend? It’s understandable that people would be curious about her love life. She is the epitome of perfection. She is talented, attractive, seductive, and hilarious. So, who is the one who declares, ‘She is mine!’ Let us investigate.

She is currently married to her long-term boyfriend, Jay Chae. He enjoys video games as well. And who would have guessed that a man you met in an online gaming session would turn out to be your life’s love? Yes, that is love, and it may happen at any time. They met online in 2011 and began dating in October 2016 after years of playing games together and getting to know one another.
Jay Chae, STPeach’s hubby

Eventually. On May 24, 2019, they married. They married while dressed in traditional Korean attire, hanbok. There were moments when severe controversies and speculations surrounded the pair. They clung to one other, though, no matter what. Some others thought he wasn’t good enough for her. But she knows what’s within his heart, which she adored and never abandoned. It demonstrates how pure and sincere she loved her, and they have served as an example to those who do not believe in true love. What is it if this isn’t love?

STPeach’s Income And Net Worth

How much is STPeach’s Income? Lisa Sweetheart Sponsorship NET WORTH: Advertisers pay a particular amount for each post made by STPeach, which has over 1.4 million followers on Instagram.

Taking STPeach’s most recent 15 posts into account, the average engagement rate of followers on each of her posts is 11.86 percent. As a result, the average estimate of the sponsorship fee she asks for is between $2,954.25 and $4,923.75.

Instagram Earnings Merchandise: STPeach Many of her followers and viewers have requested her own goods as a result of her popularity as a YouTuber. Fortunately, STPeach has created her own stuff, which is available on the website

She mostly offers custom-made T-shirts, hoodies, and other items with various stickers and prints at the moment. The goods are priced between $20 to $50, making it relatively inexpensive and frequently’sold out.’

This is also true for Lisa Peachy, who derives the majority of her earnings and revenue from YouTube. Her subscription and audience base have grown dramatically over the years. She currently has over 238k followers on her channel, with an average of 3,664 views each day.

Twitch: The majority of her money comes from Twitch in the form of contributions and subscriber fees. She now has over 20,000 subscribers on her Twitch channel. When someone subscribes to her channel, she receives half of the $5 charge or $2.50 per subscriber. So, if the stats are correct, STPeach has already generated more than $100,000 from memberships.

Net Worth: According to, she makes an estimated $330 – $5.3K per year from her YouTube channel, based on daily views and subscriber growth. Thus, after calculating and assessing all of Lisa Peachy’s revenue streams over the years, her net worth is assessed to be between $1 million and $1.5 million as of January 2023.


It is understandable that rumors about celebrities like her and their relationships and careers circulate here and there. Because of hatred and envy, her detractors might spread lies and try to tear her down. But she’s never given it any thought. Rather, she concentrates on the love and support she receives from her followers and admirers. She has done an amazing job of staying out of conflicts with optimism and reasonableness.

Quicks Facts

Full NameLisa Peachy
Date of BirthNovember 8, 1993
Age29 years old
Height5 feet and 4 inches
Relationship statusMarried
Net worth$1 million – $1.5 million