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Samaire Armstrong

Samaire Armstrong is most known for her roles in the movies Entourage, Dirty Sexy Money, The O.C., and The Mentalist, to mention a few. She never misses an opportunity to showcase her talent and personality on the big screen. For her parts in the film and her appearance, this vivacious actress, model, and fashion designer is a chameleon.

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Who is Samaire Armstrong? Samaire Rhys Armstrong, better known by his stage as Samaire Armstrong, was born to Hunter Armstrong and Sylvia Spinelli. Her father is of Scottish descent, and her mother is of Italian descent, therefore this great actress is of mixed ancestry. Samaire was born on October 31, 1980, as many of his followers are aware. She will be 39 years old in 2020, and her zodiac sign is Scorpio. This well-known model is introverted, as her sign says, yet she is quite confident in her work.

Hunter is now working as a combat trainer, and Sylvia is busy creating spas for resorts. They were a nice family that did not take any chances when it came to raising their lovely daughter. Also, even if she has a sibling, there isn’t much information about them.

She was born in Tokyo, Japan’s capital, but she has not lost touch with the essence of her homeland. Samaire relocated to Hawaii after spending part of her life in Tokyo. She also relocated to Sedona, Arizona, and eventually to Malaysia and China for unknown reasons.

Because she never stayed in one place for long, she attended numerous schools. However, we are well aware of her attendance at Sedona Red Rock High School. Furthermore, this stunning actress is of mixed ancestry and is of American nationality.

Samaire Armstrong’s Height, Weight & Body Measurement

What is Samaire Armstrong’s Height? Armstrong is short, at 5 feet 3 inches or 161.3 cm, compared to other celebrities in the profession. That may not be the height that everyone looks for in a model or, more importantly, in an actor, but her skills changed people’s thoughts and perspectives.

Samaire prefers to appear attractive and graceful because the majority of her profession requires her to be in front of the camera. Her desire to seem flawless makes her dependable and adored by the general public.

Her slender frame and toned physique highlight her white skin tone well. She also has brown hair that goes well with her brown eyes. Aside from that, there’s no reliable information on her body size, dress size, shoe size, and other details.

Samaire Armstrong
Samaire Armstrong posing for a photo(Source Instagram)

Samaire Armstrong’s Profession & Career

Armstrong, who is in her 40s, nonetheless exudes the same radiance and air as if she is a newcomer to the field. People are surprised to observe no change in her appearance, despite the fact that she has worked in the profession for over two decades.

To be honest, it’s all down to her workouts and diets, which keep her looking young. She used to go to the gym with her father first thing in the morning when she was younger. To be accurate, before going to school at 6:30 a.m.

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Many things changed as she grew older. Samaire is now a great Pilates lover. She recommends doing Pilates three to four times a week to her fans. It helps tone and shapes a tight waist and legs, she claims. She does not, however, enjoy running and claims that it causes her anxiety.

This model, like every other rookie, began her career by appearing on television shows. She made her acting debut in 2000 as Meredith on the hit teen drama Party of Five. Despite her minor role, she was able to make a great impression on the audience.

She was soon cast in other popular shows such as The X-Files, Freaks, and Geeks, Judging Amy, and others. Fortunately, this 39-year-old model scored a job in The O.C. in 2003. Her role was only supposed to be for one episode at first, but everyone appreciated her character, thus she was cast in several episodes in the following days.

Everything changed when Samaire appeared on Entourage as Ari Gold’s assistant and Eric Murphy’s love interest. She next starred in Dirty, Sexy, Money as Juliet Darling, a spoilt heiress who desired to be an actress. The sitcom was later canceled due to the character’s resemblance to real-life heiress Paris Hilton.

Judging Amy (2001), The X-Files (2001), NYPD Blue (2004), Numbers (2005), Grey’s Anatomy (2017), Arrow (2017), NCIS (2017), Agent Carter (2016), Stalker (2015), Resurrection (2014), Sons of Anrchy (2013), The Mentalist (2011), Adopting Terro (2012), to name a few, are just a few of her credits.

Samaire Armstrong’s Filmography

This beauty gained more experience from the television show alone, but she had no idea that they were quite different. Surprisingly, Samaire made his acting debut in 2001 with Not Another Teen Movie. Her portrayal of Kara Fratelli was amazing, and she gained a lot of followers.

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In comparison to Lindsay Lohan’s appearance as Maggie in 2006’s Just My Luck, her performance as Maggie was a disaster. At the box office, the film earned a terrible reputation. She was, nevertheless, cast in the future picture. Thankfully, It’s a Boy Girl Thing received excellent reviews and grossed $7,385,434 at the box office.

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Would I Lie To You? (2002), Dark Wolf (2003), Stay Alive (2006), Rise: Blood Hunter (2007), Around June (2008), The Last Harbor (2010), Concrete Blondes (2013), 5 Souls (2013), My Santa (2013), Windsor Drive (2015), and others are some of the other popular films.

Samaire Armstrong’s Boyfriend, Marriage & Relationship

Who is Samaire Armstrong’s Boyfriend? Because this actress, model, and fashion designer has amassed a large following in recent years, they are eager to learn more about her. In 2012, Armstrong was dating Jason Christopher, a gorgeous young man. Jason is an author and bass guitarist from the United States.

For the time being, he is Corey Taylor’s bass guitarist and has previously performed with Prong, Stone Sour, Ministry, and Sebastian Bach. After dating for a while in 2012, this stunning beauty announced her pregnancy on her Facebook page.

She was delighted to share the news with her admirers, and she also announced that Christopher was the father. Calin Armstrong Christopher is the name she gave to her lovely son, and she is currently caring for him.

Furthermore, the pair has not yet taken their first steps down the aisle. The reason is personal and will not be revealed to the public. Whatever the case may be, they both lavish unending love on their only child. Also, the two never miss an opportunity to commend and appreciate each other for being Calin’s finest dad and mon.

Samaire Armstrong’s Income And Net Worth

How much is Samaire Armstrong’s Income? Armstrong excelled in every career she pursued and learned something new from each one. That is the best attribute she possesses in order to succeed at what she is doing. Her net worth is staggering, ranging from $1 million to $5 million. Samaire Armstrong is worth $5 million and has a net worth of $1 million.

In comparison to her hard work and adversity in a renowned area, this amount appears to be relatively small. There is no doubt that Samaire has made significant contributions to the cinema and fashion industries.

One thing is certain: this well-known actress is living life to the fullest and savoring her son’s presence. More information regarding her salary, cars, and mansion are yet unknown. More fascinating facts about Samaire will be added as soon as they become available on the internet. Stay tuned until then!

Samaire Armstrong’s Social Media(Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)

Despite having a hectic schedule due to her career and children, Samaire is never out of the spotlight. More importantly, she uses social media to share her career, hobbies, and lifestyle. You may keep up with her by clicking on the link below.

Quicks Facts

Full Name:Samaire Rhys Armstrong
NickName:Samaire Armstrong
Birth Date:October 31, 1980
Birth Place:Japan, Tokyo
Father’s Name:Hunter Armstrong
Mother’s Name:Sylvia Spinelli
Height:5 feet 3 inches
Body Measurements:Unknown
Eye Color:Brown
Hair Color:Brown
Education:She attended Sedona Red Rock High School.
Boyfriend:Jason Christopher
Net Worth:$1 million to $5 million
Social Media Presence:InstagramTwitter, Facebook, Youtube