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Mitzi Shore was an entrepreneur and businesswoman from Marinette, Wisconsin, in the United States. After two years of operation in 1972, Mitzi Shore became the owner of a comedy club called “The Comedy Show.”

Early Years

Mitzi Shore was born Lillian Saidel in Marinette, Wisconsin on July 25, 1930. Shore was born into a Jewish household, thus she is undoubtedly a devout follower of the Jewish faith. Fanny and Morris Saidel are Shore’s parents’ names. Morris Saidel is a salesman on the road. Mitzi Shore grew up in a little town near Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Shore attended Green Bay East High School in Green Bay, Wisconsin, for his education. Mitzi Shore enrolled at the University of Wisconsin–Madison to enhance her education. The comedian was studying art at the time, but after meeting Sammy Shore in 1950, he dropped out to marry him.


Mitzi Shore unfortunately died while still in hospital owing to an undisclosed neurological illness. This occurred on April 11, 2018, in Los Angeles, when she was only 87 years old. The businesswoman was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in the year 1990. Mitzi Shore died as a result of the same ailment that she was suffering from, according to specialists at the Los Angeles Hospital.

Professional Life and Career

Mitzi’s ex-husband and Mitzi co-founded the “Comedy Store” in 1972. Following the couple’s divorce, Mitzi became the owner of the same store. After some time, the Los Angeles Times quoted Sammy as saying that he “relinquished management of the club to cut his alimony payments” in 2003. Mitzi obtained a large monetary loan from fellow comic, Shecky Greene, soon after she became the proprietor of the comedy store. She did so in order to advance in her career and keep the operations running.

Mitzi was not only involved in the day-to-day operations of the company, but also in the hiring and development of employees. In fact, numerous well-known comedians have credited their success to their work at the Comedy Store. Robin Williams, Garry Shandling, John Witherspoon, Whoopi Goldberg, Roseanne Barr, Jay Leno, David Letterman, Andrew Dice Clay, Jim Carrey, Joe Rogan, Chevy Chase, Sam Kinison, Marc Maron, Bobcat Goldthwait, Bill Burr, Bobby Lee, Joey Diaz, and Sebastian Maniscalco are just a few examples. Mitzi, on the other hand, was not a fan of the paid comics who did perform in her club.

She also claimed that the venue was a kind of “comedy college,” where the performers were studying skills rather than participating in a money-making venture. After the club was expanded completely in 1979, the gifted began to swear that they would be paid for their performances. Furthermore, Mitzi was also dissatisfied, and the comedians encircled the formation in an unappealing 6-week strike. Mitzi sympathized with Leno after months of protests and an incident in which he was hit by a car, and decided to compensate him $15 each set.

Here are some more highlights from her career.

The Belly Room was created in 1978 when the businesswoman converted the upstairs section of “The Comedy Store.” Shore has designated fifty seats for female comedians in the room, which is a fifty-seat viewer. At the time, qualified comedy was very much a “boys’ club,” with few reservations for female performers. Females were not given the opportunity to perform their stand-up material among the best comedians in the country. For years, she continued to be generous with reservation talent.

Mitzi continued crossing borders with her viewers in the 1990s, when women comics had become more renowned. She created specialist nights for Latino, homosexual, and lesbian comedians. She was also the founder and owner of Comedy Channel Inc. in 1982. It’s a company that creates and trades videotapes of performances at “The Comedy Store.” HBO launched its most popular cable channel, “The Comedy Channel,” in 1989. Her group said that HBO’s facility was a “indirect illegal use” of the Comedy Channel’s name and trademark.

In addition, Shore set aside instructions for James Blancarte and filed a copyright lawsuit against HBO. After two years, the station merged with Viacom’s Ha! channel. It used to be known as “CTV: The Comedy Network,” but now it is known as “Comedy Central.” Goldie’s attraction on the Showtime television show “I’m Dying Up Here” is linked to Mitzi Shore’s insecurity. Joe Rogan also paid tribute to Mitzi Shore in his Netflix special “Strange Times” from 2018.

Estimated Net Worth

Mitzi Shore’s professional job was bringing in a lot of money for her. Mitzi Shore spent her entire career gaining popularity and serving more efficiently than she did for money. Mitzi Shore’s net worth was estimated to be around $21 million in 2018. Mitzi Shore, without a question, lived a lavish and wonderful life before she passed away. More than just from a financial standpoint, the entrepreneur has provided a large platform for a variety of skills.

Status of the Relationship

Mitzi Shore was formerly married, and her husband’s name was Sammy Shore. Mitzi Shore dropped out of school to marry her husband, Sammy Shore, as previously stated. In the year 1950, the pair married. There are no other data about Mitzi Shore’s previous or future romantic life available. But Mitzi and Sammy Shore are undoubtedly the parents of their four children. Peter Shore, Scott Shore, Pauly Shore, and Sandi Shore are the names of their children. Pauly Shore, their son, is an actor.

However, the pair was unable to continue their marital relationship and divorced in the year 1974. Mitzi Shore became the legal proprietor of “The Comedy Store” in the same year. This was also the terms of their divorce agreement. Aside from that, the owner of the comedian store has never been involved in any rumors or controversy. Mitzi Shore has done an excellent job of keeping her private life and herself away from social media and the general world.

Body Dimensions

Mitzi Shore’s body measurements revealed that she was of ordinary height and a healthy weight. Mitzi Shore had a thin body type and a healthy diet as well. Mitzi Shore, on the other hand, was afflicted and died as a result of it.

Mitzi Shore is a fair-skinned woman with brown eyes and brown hair. The American businesswoman preferred to keep her hair short and simple most of the time. Furthermore, Mitzi Shore did not have a tall stature, as she appeared to be very short in her photographs.

The Internet and Social Media

When it comes to the businesswoman’s social media presence, she has never been active. Mitzi Shore didn’t have an Instagram or Twitter account, and she didn’t even have a Facebook account.

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Mitzi Shore, on the other hand, was physically active in her profession, which made her popular with everyone. Mitzi Shore is known as the “Godmother of Comedy.” There are also various fan pages dedicated to Mitzi Shore created by her followers.

Quick Facts

Full Name:Mitzi Shore
Born Date:25 Jul, 1930
Age:90 years
Lucky Number:9
Lucky Stone:Ruby
Lucky Color:Gold
Best Match for Marriage:Sagittarius, Gemini, Aries
Profession:Businesswoman and entrepreneur
Country:United States
Marital Status:divorce
DivorceSammy Shore
Net Worth$21 million
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorBrown
Birth PlaceMarinette
EducationUniversity of Wisconsin–Madison
FatherMorris Saidel
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