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Eve Jobs

Eve Jobs was born in 1998 in California, and she was raised by her parents, Steve Jobs and Lauren Powell-Jobs.

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Eve Jobs was born in 1998 in California, and she was raised by her parents, Steve Jobs and Lauren Powell-Jobs. He was married to her at the time she was born, and she has two siblings, Erin Siena Jobs and Reed Jobs, as well as a half-sibling, Lisa Brennan Jobs.

Her half-sibling, the oldest, has been the subject of numerous controversies because it was claimed that her mother became pregnant while Steve Jobs was just starting up the company, and he abandoned her mother. She has been involved in a number of contentious incidents. Eve grew up in California, where she attended a traditional high school and also received extra tutoring from the Upper Echelon Academy. She is currently pursuing her higher education at Stanford University. This is the school where her parents first met.

Eve Jobs’s Height, Weight & Body Measurement

Eve Jobs, who was born on May 2, 1998, is 24 years old. Her height is 5’9″ and she weighs 62 kg.

Eve Jobs
Eve Jobs

Eve Jobs’s Profession & Career

Jobs is also a skilled equestrian who has been riding horses since she was a child. She now competes in numerous competitions, and her parents assisted in cultivating her interest, which has resulted in her becoming very talented. Eve has competed in several horse racing shows, including the Ecuries d’ Ecaussiness Trophy. She won this award in 2015. Destry Spielberg, Steven Spielberg’s daughter, competed against her here.

Eve Jobs’s Income And Net Worth

Eve Jobs’ net worth is unknown, but she is the daughter of Steve Jobs and Laurene Powell-Jobs, both of whom are among the top 100 billionaires in the world. The family’s current net worth is estimated to be around $20 billion as of January 2023, making her the heir to one of America’s most significant fortunes.

Eve Jobs’s Boyfriend, Marriage & Relationship

Eve enjoys horseback riding and is a big fan of the Golden State Warriors, an NBA team based in California. She prefers to keep her private life private, and as a result, little about her personal life is revealed. Eve previously dated Eugenio Garza Pérez, a Miami School of Business student. She is still dating Aiden Reily, a Brown University student, and water polo player. Little is known about her.

Her ex-boyfriend is the great-grandson of VISA Group’s former president and the founder of Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Studies, a prestigious university in Mexico.

Eve Jobs’s Social Media(Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)

Eve Jobs posted the meme to her Instagram stories on Wednesday, shortly after her late father’s company announced his death.

Quick Facts

Full Name Eve Jobs
Gender Female
Age 24 years old
Birth Date May 2, 1998
Birth Place San Francisco, California, United States
Nationality American
Height 5’9’’
Weight 62kg
Sexual Orientation Straight
Marital Status In a relationship
HusbandAidan Reily
DatingYes (Aidan Reily)
Profession Student
Salary NA
Net Worth$20 billion (Inherited)