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Addison Wallace

Addison Wallace is a well-known YouTuber. CRAZY MIDDLES featured Addison Wallace with her incredibly big relatives.

Early years

Wallace, Addison, is a 12-year-old girl. She was born in the United States of America on September 3, 2008, under the astrological sign of Virgo. The identities of her biological parents are currently unavailable. She and her brothers were both raised by Jared and Shelly Wallace. Aubrey, Miles, and Harlan are her maternal brothers.

Her adoptive tale is fascinating.

Addison Wallace and her biological siblings Aubrey and Harlan used to live with their parents around five or six years earlier. Their parents were also hooked to drugs. The landlord discovered it and reported it to DCS. DCS arrived to investigate and discovered a mystery. As a result, they take the children out of the building. They did not, however, place them in foster care; instead, they lived with their maternal grandmother as a kinship.

For over a year and a half, Addison, Aubrey, and Harlan lived with their grandma. Since DCS tested the kids again, they discovered that their grandma came home drunk and sexually abused them. Their grandma used to warn them that if they didn’t keep it a secret, she would mistreat them even more, which would be worse for them.

One of the siblings had the courage to warn others what was going on, and the siblings were broken up. Harlan enrolled in a military school. Miles, one of her maternal brothers, is not with her. However, after many years, these children were able to see their maternal father and were also included in the YouTube video “MEET OUR BIOLOGICAL DAD! | SPECIAL VISIT!”Similarly, after being adopted in February 2017, she modified her name from Gianna to Addison.

Ascend to the Top

Addison Wallace is a YouTube celebrity who used to be a part of the CRAZY MIDDLE channel. The following channel tells the tale of Jared and Shelly Wallace, who set out to reunite their estranged siblings and adopt them into their own families. In February of 2017, she joined the family.

In a video titled “Why Kids Are Siblings? | Our Adoption Story,” they clarified their family history. It’s one of the channel’s most famous videos from last year.Jared and Shelly Wallace have two biological twins, Kylie and Landon Wallace. She, too, was a member of a family of 23. And she has 21 siblings, all of which have appeared in the CRAZY MIDDLES.

Destiny, Weston, Jonathan, Cody, Nichole, Blake, and Kylie & Landon are her other siblings who have left the house. Lacey, Jacob, Cynthia, Destiny, Trey, Spencer, Mason, Anavaeh, Braxton, Elizabeth, and Brinley, for example, are siblings who share a home.

The channel, which debuted on February 6, 2015, features a family of 23 members. It’s a lot of fun to see the film. “EMERGENCY KITS FOR TEEN GIRLS 2019-2020!” is one of the channel’s most popular videos featuring her. | PERIOD KIT! | BACK TO SCHOOL!” “NAME CHANGE? | ADOPTION! | FOSTER CARE!” and “MISSING SISTER! | LOST IN FOSTER CARE! | MEET MY LONG LOST SISTER!”The CRAZY MIDDLES channel already has over 332K viewers and over 85 million cumulative views.

Net worth and social network

Addison hasn’t set up any of her own profiles. She did, though, appear on her family’s social networking accounts. With the username CRAZY MIDDLES, her family has profiles on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter. Thousands of people track them on social media.

Addison Wallace
Addison Wallace posing for a picture (source: instagram)

Addison Wallace, a YouTube personality, contributes to the CRAZY MIDDLES family YouTube website. As of August 2020, the channel had made $183k in revenue. With the Wallace family, she is enjoying a safe and happy life.

Quick Facts

Full Name:Addison Wallace
Born Date:03 Sep, 2008
Age:12 years
Lucky Number:4
Lucky Stone:Sapphire
Lucky Color:Green
Best Match for Marriage:Taurus, Capricorn
Country:United State of America
Marital Status:single
Eye ColorLight brown
Hair ColorBrown
FatherJared Wallace
MotherShelly Wallace
Siblings(20)Aubrey, Harlan, Destiny, Weston, Jonathan, Cody, Nichole, Blake,Kylie, Landon, Lacey, Jacob, Cynthia, Destiny, Trey, Spencer, Mason, Anavaeh, Braxton, Elizabeth, Miles,and Brinley
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