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A6d is a YouTube content maker from France. A6d is well known for his gaming streams, trolls, jokes, and vlogs, as well as his Minecraft videos. OnlyHitUS, OnlyHit Gold, and OnlyHit J-Music are some of his online radio stations.

Childhood and Early Years

A6d is a 19-year-old boy who was born on August 3, 2001. Vincent is his real name, and he is a Leo by birth. Furthermore, though A6d’s exact birthplace is unknown, he is a French citizen. Ian is A6d’s cat, and he has his own YouTube channel. Furthermore, A6d has not revealed any details about his parents, siblings, or other family members.

A6d has also been silent about his educational experiences. However, given his age, we can conclude that A6d is a recent high school graduate or a first-year college/university student, unless he has chosen to take a break or discontinue his studies in order to concentrate on his career.

Workplace Environment

Professionally, A6d is a social media celebrity known for his YouTube channel “A6d.” A6d’s gaming streams, memes, trolls, and vlogs, including for Minecraft, have all contributed to his immense popularity. On November 27, 2018, he released his first video, “Hello bonjour welcome.” It’s a 12-second video in French in which he proves he owns the channel.

Following that, A6d began uploading Minecraft content alongside Skeppy and BadBoyHalo. His YouTube following has swelled to more than 300,000 subscribers. A6d is also a YouTuber whose channel is primarily dedicated to Minecraft videos and live streams. A6d had another YouTube channel named “The Trio,” where he worked with other YouTubers such as Skeppy and BadBoyHalo.

A6d’s content has shifted away from Minecraft videos and he now does a variety of other stuff. This involves things like writing songs in FL Studio and developing a Twitter bot to respond to his followers.

OnlyHitUS is a web radio station focused on French and American music that is broadcast over a Shoutcast server. OnlyHitUS is now hosted on Streemlion as of October 31. OnlyHit was a web radio station developed by A6d with the help of a free service called Radionomy, which had been around for a long time before OnlyHitUS. OnlyHit was the first online radio station in its sub-genre of web radio stations.

OnlyHit Gold and OnlyHit J-Music are two of A6d’s radio stations. OnlyHit and OnlyHit Gold were dedicated to 1970s, 1980s, and vintage pop music. Owing to licensing issues, none of these could be played in the United States. A6d merged OnlyHit and OnlyHitUS on October 31, 2019. OnlyHit Gold and OnlyHit J-Music could now be heard in the United States.

Servers for Minecraft

A6d created SakuraMC, a Minecraft server. A6d would live stream on SakuraMC, and a large number of people would tune in, but the server would lag. The server has gone through a lot of changes. Around the same time that A6d was making his own copy of InvadedLands, he killed the server. A6d built a new server called SakuraMC during his video “4 Hours to Build a Minecraft Server.” The server is still operational, and the IP address is “”

Lands that have been conquered

A6d also created OutvadedLands, a Minecraft server for fun. A6d took all of the plugins and maps from Skeppy’s InvadedLands Minecraft server and tweaked the map and configuration. Nobody knows how A6d obtained all of the plugins and maps, but some speculate that it was because Zelk, an InvadedLands administrator, assisted a6d in the creation of OutvadedLands.

The server’s IP is “,” but A6d has since taken it down. A6d used the donations from the servers to attend VidCon 2019 in California. People who purchased ranks were not refunded, as was the case for some of Skeppy’s A6d images. A6d was able to save enough money to travel to Vidcon 2019 in California (14 hours).

The Billboard Squad is a group of people who work for Billboard

A6d advertised the Billboard Squad, a Minecraft server, on electronic billboards throughout the United States. It was a Minecraft server that was scheduled to open for registration at 3 p.m. EST on January 11th. After purchasing the billboards, A6d asked his Twitter followers to help him locate them.

After a while, people who weren’t part of A6d’s network noticed the billboard and began tweeting about it. On Twitter, one of them shared a photo of the billboard that included the Minecraft Server’s IP address. That picture was shared twice on Reddit by A6d. Both of them were removed, but a large number of people witnessed it. A6d put it all together in a video. SakuraMC is now using the server as a survival server.

Hosting Has Succumbed

Timon Durand owned the hosting firm Fallen Hosting. A6d advertised Fallen Hosting, which was run by Timon. It offered Minecraft server hosting, bot hosting (Discord bots, for example), dedicated servers, and virtual private servers. The company, however, declared its closure and filed for bankruptcy on November 8, 2019.

The cause was initially unclear, but it was later reported that the company’s demise was caused by debt accrued from the release of a Free Minecraft Server Hosting tier just a month prior. The original tweet has since been removed, but an archived version can be found here.

One of the executives started a GoFundMe page to “invalidate the debt with Fallen Host while continuing to offer the same services and reliability with the new company.” His attempt paid off, and a new hosting company called Xonos Hosting was born. So far, all has gone swimmingly for the business.


Streaming Platform That Isn’t Legal

For a few friends who couldn’t watch French TV, A6d created an unauthorized streaming website called “ARTV” in 2017. However, as a result of its success, this website became popular, and A6d was able to monetize it. A6d first encountered Skeppy during this time.

After a while, police showed up at A6d’s house on December 6, 2017. In January 2019, police took his phone and machine, and he has yet to face the charges. However, he faces a fine of more than 300,000 euros and three years in jail. A6d had to buy a new phone and computer after not receiving his computer or phone back. A6d has yet to obtain his property from the police. As a result, he now despises the cops.

Monday is dedicated to Minecraft.

A6d has also been involved in some controversy in the past, such as the Minecraft Monday drama. Due to the strict viewership situation, A6d was kicked from Minecraft Monday Week 11 just 2 hours before the event began. In response to Keemstar’s behavior, all of “The Trio’s” members, as well as a few other YouTubers affiliated with A6d and “The Trio,” left Minecraft on Monday.

Many consider this to be the event’s turning point, and Minecraft Monday has been on a downward spiral since then, with Season 2 just recently revealed. However, A6d pointed out that changing the player list so close to the start of the event would have a significant impact on the players’ results and is totally unfair to the players’ audience and fans who are already anticipating the event.

More Dissensions

A6d was denied his YouTube 100k Play Button and received no response from YouTube about his channel’s join button. A6d, on the other hand, received a 100k Play Button as well as his enter button in the end.

Similarly, A6d named somebody the r slur in late December 2019 after they said something about deserving to be called out. In videos and other tweets, he has used the slur many times.

What is your net worth?

In terms of A6d’s earnings, he is a well-known YouTube gamer with a sizable following on social media who has amassed a sizable fortune from it. As a result of his YouTube channel, he has a net worth of around $65k.

Status of the Relationship

A6d is most likely single right now. A6d hasn’t provided much information on this issue. He hasn’t posted any social media messages that might reveal his current relationships or affairs, either.

Furthermore, A6d has kept a clean public profile free of rumors, scandals, and controversies that might jeopardize his professional and personal lives. Nonetheless, A6d’s elegance, talent, humor, and charms will undoubtedly attract many lovers in the future.

Social Media and Body Measurements

A6d stands 180 centimeters (5 feet 11 inches) tall. Aside from that, little is known about his weight, chest-waist-hip measurements, biceps, dress size, shoe size, and so on. A6d, on the other hand, has brown eyes and brown hair.

In terms of his online presence, A6d joined Twitter in December 2018 and currently has over 126.5K followers on his @a6doff account. He also has an Instagram account called @a6dinsta, which has 26 posts.

At the time of writing this biography, she had 65.9k fans.

Source: Instagram

A6d is also on Twitch, where he goes by the handle @a6doff and has 70,780 followers as of August 2020. Since October 13, 2018, his “a6d” YouTube channel has 349K subscribers and over 12 million views.

Quick Facts

Full Name:Vincent
Born Date:03 Aug, 2001
Age:19 years
Lucky Number:5
Lucky Stone:Ruby
Lucky Color:Gold
Best Match for Marriage:Sagittarius, Gemini, Aries
Profession:Youtuber, Online Gamer, Twitch Streamer, Social media personality
Height:5 feet 11 inches (1.80m)
Marital Status:single
Net Worth$65,000
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorBrown
TwitterVincent Twitter
YoutubeVincent Youtube
InstagramVincent Instagram
Personal WebVincent Personal Web